Discover the opulent lifestyle of Steven Gerrard’s Beverly Hills neighborhood

Since playing football with Liverpool players near his family’s Huyton house, Steven Gerrard has gone a long way.

He and his wife Alex live in an opulent £18 million estate in Los Angeles with six baths, a swimming pool, and a lot of famous neighbors.

This Beverly Hills home on 430 Robert Lane is on the market for $22 million

Another renowned Scouser, Ringo Starr, lives in Beverly Hills’ star-studded Trousdale Estates area.

If any football-crazed kids want to live in Malibu like Stevie G, there are plenty of homes for sale in the elite enclave – at a steep price, of course.

Buyers will need to come up with almost $7 million to live near the Liverpool great, with Gerrard’s mansion costing £35,000 per month.

There is also a $22 million luxury mansion with five bedrooms, a two-story guest house, a swimming pool, and two wine cellar rooms.

The bad news is that it needs to be renovated (apart from the expensive price). According to Gaskill and Peterson / Sotheby’s International Realty, the property has to be renovated to become a “$40 million to $45 million masterpiece.”

Steven Gerrard’s £18 million mansion in Los Angeles is just yards away from where Elvis Presley once lived

In recent years, there has been a tremendous rush to develop the very attractive neighborhood, driving construction to an all-time high.

Flipping is the process of purchasing real estate to resale at prices up to three times the original purchase price.

“Trousdale Estates is an amazing sub-division in Beverly Hills, just to the east of our famous Greystone Mansion,” Jimmy McGill of LA sightseeing tour agency Glitterati Tours explains.

“Ringo Starr, Jane Fonda, and David Spade are among the current residents, who include Elton John, who sold his units in the nearby Sierra Towers.”

“Previous residents have included Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.” You could have thrown a rock from Courtney’s house and it would have landed on Jen’s roof.

“Also, Ellen DeGeneres and Portia [de Rossi] purchased a house between Ringo’s and Aniston’s before flipping it and moving to nearby Holmby Hills – they then flipped this one as well, selling it to Napster’s Sean Parker.”

“Even Elvis Presley had a home at the top of Hillcrest in Trousdale before moving on to something more private due to Lisa Marie’s birth.”

Minecraft founder Markus ‘Notch’ Persson recently made international headlines when he purchased a $70 million mansion that Beyonce and Jay-Z were also bidding on.

Simon Cowell, Burt Reynolds, Vera Wang, Matthew Perry, and business magnate Howard Hughes have all lived at Trousdale Estates.

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