Inside the Beckhams’ $200M per villa: A Closer Look at the Ultimate Luxury Retreat

The home is more than 5,500 square meters, making it bigger than the White House in the US. film producer Aaron Spelling’s 123-room, W-shaped mansion in the upscale Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles.

Many people fantasize about having a “terrific mansion”

At $ 200 million, this is the most expensive real estate in the United States today. Despite possessing a lot of high-end real estate, the Beckhams plan to buy this luxury property.

With a total area of up to 190,000 square meters, The Manor is the largest building in the Los Angeles area. There are 123 rooms in the “per villa,” including 14 bedrooms, 27 bathrooms, and several living, dining, entertainment, and reading spaces… The apartment is decorated in a primary white tone, beginning with the entrance. Architectural design that is both simple and lovely.

Aside from the necessary rooms, the facility has a gym, a bowling alley, two garages with a total capacity of 100 cars, a tennis court, and a swimming pool.

The interior of the villa is reminiscent of a magnificent castle

The flat will become the famous couple’s most expensive possession since paying $24 million for the Bel Air home once the discussions are over.

According to The Daily Star Sunday, the couple’s team of professionals carefully planned their property purchase. All to make the four-person family’s home as pleasant as possible.

The wealthy couple stipulated that Victoria Beckham would be able to build the fashion catwalk directly in their own home if it was big enough. Brooklyn and his buddies will need their own space to play, and Harper, the family’s 5-year-old daughter, will need a dancing studio.

The “per villa” Beckham and his wife are set to buy a home is described as follows:

The majority of the first-floor living rooms are designed in the French classical style

The dining room, which seats 100 people, is entirely made of Western European precious wood and South American gems

In addition, the mansion has an 800-person capacity restaurant

The mansion has its cinema with a capacity of 20 people that meets international cinema standards

The mansion has 14 bedrooms. The master bedroom is decorated in grey and white tones, with matching furniture

This mansion has 27 bathrooms with various designs from around the world

The residence has numerous gyms, sports halls, and bowling alleys

The villa impresses with its large yards that can park 100 cars, where outdoor parties often take place

Hundreds of employees maintain the mansion’s gardens, which create park-like grounds

The mansion has numerous spa treatment rooms, including massage rooms, as well as a world-class beauty salon

Many rooms in this villa are used to display expensive fashion items because it was built by a famous film producer for his wife

Because it was too ostentatious, the outdoor swimming pool used to make neighbors uncomfortable during construction

The tennis court is built adjacent to the swimming pool

The mansion is seen from above

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