Inside the £3m Mansion with a Personalised Indoor Pitch: Why Football Star Erling Haaland Wants Paul Pogba’s House

Erling Haaland wants to move to Manchester and has his sights on Paul Pogba’s £3 million home.

The Norwegian just signed with Manchester City after playing for Borussia Dortmund for two and a half years in the Bundesliga. Haaland is currently searching for a new residence and has his eye on Pogba’s estate.

The Frenchman currently owns a five-bedroom house in opulent Hale Barns, Cheshire, although he hasn’t used it much since leaving Manchester United. The Sun reports that since there is no likelihood of his returning to the Premier League, exporting might be in the cards.

Erling Haaland is interested in Paul Pogba’s mansion

The mansion has an indoor pool

The gaff can be rented for £30,000 per month

The £3 million home may also be rented for £30,000 per month. It contains a gym, a heated swimming pool, and a sauna, but the indoor pitch, which Pogba dubbed the P.P. Arena, is its most prominent feature. The center circle contains little goals, an electronic scoreboard, LED illumination, and Pogba’s emblem.

After his contract at Manchester United expires, the Frenchman will re-sign with Juventus, the club he left in 2016. The same business manages Pogba and Haaland, and the former may be eager to help. The tavern is available for rent at £30,000 per month.

There is an indoor games room on the property

Paul Pogba is leaving Manchester and is looking for a new place to live

“Erling is eager to settle in as soon as possible so he can hit the ground running at City,” a source claimed. Therefore, finding a new location to reside as quickly as feasible is a crucial component of that. He works with Paul on the same management team.

Paul is unlikely to return to the UK in light of his time at United, therefore he will be trying to sell his home, but he would be content to rent it out if necessary. It features everything a professional football player needs, including a football field for some house-hold mayhem. Erling and Paul share a lot of similarities. They enjoy themselves, so it might be enticing to him.

The house also has an indoor football pitch, which Pogba named P. P Arena

Haaland will improve a City club that won the Premier League title for the fourth time in five years last month. Pep Guardiola has recently played without a recognizable No. 9 and will have to modify his style in some way.

“I’ve always watched City and have loved doing so in recent seasons,” the Norwegian adds of his new team. You can’t help but love their style of play; it’s thrilling and full of potential for a player like me. This roster contains a plethora of world-class players, and Pep is one of the best managers of all time, so I am certain that I am in the proper location to achieve my objectives.

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