Unveiling The Myth: The Astonishing Glass House Of Edward Cullen In Twilight

After watching the first Twilight movie, there were two things that remained ingrained in my memory. I’m not referring to Edward Cullen’s shimmering skin, but rather the striking car he drove, a sporty Volvo C30 that still tops my list, and the breathtaking modern house nestled among lush trees, where the Cullens resided.

Now, for those curious movie enthusiasts seeking answers, we’re here to address the burning question: was the Cullen house real or just a movie set? Well, the answer depends on which Twilight movie you’re referring to, as it turns out to be both.

In the initial Twilight film, the property used as the Cullen house is indeed a real place. If you ever find yourself in Portland, Oregon, you can witness it firsthand.

Although claimed to be situated in Forks, Washington, with the fictional address of 420 Woodcroft Ave, Forks WA, the house we initially encounter as the Cullen residence in the first Twilight movie is, in fact, a modern and sleek structure located in Portland, Oregon, known as the Hoke House.

The house derived its n.a.m.e from its owner at the time, John Hoke, a NIKE executive who had it constructed for his family. Interestingly, the production team referred to the house as “The Nike House,” paying homage to Hoke’s profession.

To bring his vision to life, Hoke enlisted architect Jeff Kovel from Skylab Architecture, along with Metcalf Construction, where Lucy Metcalf served as the interior designer and landscaper. The result was the awe-inspiring contemporary home that served as the iconic Twilight house in the first film of the immensely popular franchise.

Public records show that the house boasts an ample 4,903 square feet of living space and rests on a 6,800-square-foot lot. Constructed in 2006, the Twilight house also features a finished basement, which unfortunately did not grace our screens, and an attached garage.

Hoke reportedly embraced the idea of his home serving as the residence for the sophisticated v.a.m.p.i.r.e family, the Cullens, and willingly allowed shots both inside and outside his abode. However, this was the only movie in the saga that featured his house.

It appears that the NIKE executive has discreetly moved on from his movie-famous Portland dwelling. Public records indicate a change of ownership in 2022, although we could not find any press mentioning the Twilight house being up for sale.

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