Inside David De Gea’s Lavish Mansion: The Jaw-Dropping Luxury that Astounded Manchester United Players!

The Red Devils’ star has drawn interest from Real Madrid for the previous two seasons, and Los Blancos will make another offer for him in the coming summer.

David de Gea and his girlfriend Edurne Garcia

David de Gea’s current address is being listed for sale by his landlord

Man United were apprehensive about the potential departure of the Spanish goalkeeper when he sold his opulent £3.85 million Cheshire property earlier this year.

The ex-Atletico Madrid player, though, has now relocated 500 yards around the corner, assuaging the Old Trafford crowd.

According to rumours, De Gea and his beautiful girlfriend Edurne are renting the condo with the potential to buy it later.

“They’ve only moved around the corner,” a source said, “but he’ll still have a lot of packing to do.”

“He has a slew of Man of the Match awards to ship and has enlisted the help of local firm Osbournes to do the heavy lifting.”

“It appears to be good news for the club, and fans should not be concerned; he has long-term plans here.”

David De Gea is leaving a stunning mansion with a swimming pool

David De Gea will be leaving this stunning Cheshire home

Tennis courts are also available at the mansion

The mansion also features a mini football field

The mansion also features a gym

David de Gea’s rented home also has a comfortable sitting room

Edurne Garcia shared a photo of herself and the couple’s dog from their rented home

Reportedly, De Gea rented his former mansion in Cheshire for £12,000 per month.

However, the proprietors decided to sell, and it took years to find a buyer for the home, which featured an outdoor pool and fitness center.

United will assist De Gea in achieving his objective of becoming the best goalkeeper in the world.

“I always want to be the best,” he said.

“I work hard to be the best keeper in the world, so I train hard every day, in every training session.”

“I’m not sure who is the best right now, but this is what I want.”

“All three keepers at United – Sergio, Joel, and me – work extremely hard to be the player on the field to play in games.”

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