After 4 years, Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s £20m “Mini Versailles” giant is ready for relocation

Now that the last touches are being put on, Wayne and Coleen joke that it looks like a “Mini Versailles,” which is a reference to the grand French Palace from the 17th century.

Even though the Rooneys’ home doesn’t have the original 2,300 rooms, each piece of furniture was made just for them.

It was meant to be done at the beginning of the year, but Covid’s rules caused a lot of delays. A source says that Coleen thought about moving in early so that the builders would have “some focus.”

They did finish, though, once a limit was set.

A stunning new “Mini Versailles” home for Wayne and Coleen Rooney has been finished

The multi-millionaire couple Wayne and Coleen Rooney

Our exclusive photos show the couple’s country retreat, dubbed “Mini Versailles”

Large JCB-style diggers have been spotted on the construction site as it nears completion

Wayne and Coleen, both 35, want to move in at the end of the month with their four sons.

The builder’s huts have all been removed, and the property arrived last week to complete the gardens. The source said: “It’s been a tough and often frustrating process but it’s all but done and ready to move into.

“Wayne and Coleen are overjoyed with it.”

“It’s taken a long time, but good things come to those who wait.” They’ve still got their second house nearby so are gradually shifting between both properties till everything is in.”

Grand entrance to the £ 20 million property

The large house in Cheshire has seen landscapers hard as work finishing the grounds

The Rooneys will be surrounded by rolling green fields and country air

The 40-acre property where the six-bedroom mansion in Knutsford, Cheshire, is located also has two artificial fishing lakes, an orangery, stables, and a six-car garage.

In addition to a football field, Wayne, the manager of Championship team Derby County, also has a whiskey and cigar room.

The mansion also features a steam room, gym, hot tub, swimming pool, plunge pool, bar, wine store, snooker room, and theater.

A large entrance hall, a study, a library, and two lifts—one for family members and the other for guests—are also present.

Security cameras are observing the estate, which sits on 40 acres

In 2016, there was an attempt to steal from them at their property. In response, contractors constructed an underground escape path that connected the pad to the adjacent garage and stable building.

Both entrances of the extremely secure tunnel are protected by steel doors. It has the capability of escorting Wayne, Coleen, and their boys Kai, Klay, Kit, and Cass to safety in the case that an intruder is present.

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