Inside Jack Grealish’s £6 million house with a magnificent garden and millionaire’s amenities

A fishing lake, a tennis court, a golf tee, a green, a vegetable plot, and even enough space for a full-size soccer pitch are all included on the 20-acre property that the seven-bedroom mansion is situated on.

Jack Grealish spent £6 million on a stunning North West mansion

Grealish is said to have been taken aback by the lavish property

There is a swimming pool, a gym, and a leisure suite on the property

And Jack, a 27-year-old Manchester City and England winger, can entertain his pals because the property features a swimming pool, a leisure suite, a gym, a wine store, and plenty of other locations for him to practice his new interest of DJing.

Even if he runs out of space in the main structure, friends and relatives can remain on the grounds’ cottage.

Guests can come by helicopter at any time of day or night because the helipad’s landing area is provided with subtle lights.

“Jack appreciates the more refined aspects of life,” a credible source says, “and this home truly took his breath away.”

Grealish has invested after joining Manchester City for a fee of £100 millionCredit: Alamy

“It’s the fulfillment of a dream for him.” Anyone would be pleased to own such a home.

“Despite the price, he feels like he’s gotten a steal.”

“It offers him everything — he can throw a мassie party away from prying eyes.”

“Similarly, if he wants to relax, sunbathe, or go fishing, it’s all right on his doorstep.”

The property is one of the safest in the North West due to its state-of-the-art security cameras and illumination.

Grealish is believed to have concluded the transaction earlier this year and paid cash.

The former Aston Villa player resided in a £1.75 million, six-bedroom detached home in a village south of Birmingham before joining City in August of last year.

The 100 million pound man and his 26-year-old girlfriend Sasha Attwood have been residing in a Manchester apartment with a rooftop football pitch.

The garden at Grealish’s 20-acre mansion is larger than The Etihad Stadium

Grealish completed the transaction earlier this year and is thought to have paid in cash – pictured is the property’s spacious kitchen

Jack Grealish’s £6 million mansion is a “dream come true” for the footballer

Grealish’s new dream home is regarded as one of the most secure in the area

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