Brad Pitt purchases Aileen Getty’s stunning Los Feliz glass house

Brad Pitt and oil heiress Aileen Getty have completed the ultimate Los Angeles real estate house exchange after she purchased his $39 million mansion.

This month, the 59-year-old actor chose to downsize from his Los Feliz mansion and paid $5.5 million for philanthropist Aileen’s three-bedroom ‘Steel House.

It signals a fresh start for Brad. Three decades ago, the Babylon star sold his property for $1.7 million after purchasing it from horror queen Elvira.

Stunning: Brad has purchased the Steel House, a much more modest residence than his vast estate, which features an ice skating rink, skate park, ballroom, and home theater.

There, he shared a home with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie and their six kids. In contrast to his large estate that features an ice skating rink, skate park, ballroom, and home theater, Dirt now reports that Brad has purchased the Steel House, a somewhat more modest property.

Nevertheless, this 2,000-square-foot mansion was designed in 1960 by midcentury architect Neil M. Johnson.

Neil M. Johnson, a midcentury architect, designed a beautiful 2,000-square-foot mansion in 1960. It was dubbed “Steel House” because of its steel structure and enormous glass panels, which provide stunning views of Los Angeles.

Aileen, the granddaughter of late oil mogul J. Paul Getty, profited from the sale of the mansion she bought from Maroon 5’s James Valentine in 2019.

It was dubbed the Steel House because of its steel structure and large glass panels, which helped create spectacular views of Los Angeles.

The L-shaped property is lavishly furnished. It has stunning views of the city below and wraps around a sizable pool with rich tropical landscaping. There are also a hot tub and sauna, which are great for relaxing at home.

The interior layout is softened by the addition of patterned carpets, cozy fireplaces, soft furnishings, and vibrant hues to offset the steel frame’s harshness.

The inside is softened by patterned rugs, comfortable fireplaces, soft furnishings, and vivid colors, which offset the steel frame’s hardness. After purchasing the property in 2007, Valentine hired architect Mark Haddawy to renovate it.

There are walk-in closets and brilliant blue carpeting in the bedrooms, and there is a terrace that acts as a cozy reading corner.

Valentine of Maroon 5 engaged designer Mark Haddawy to restore the property he purchased in 2007!

There is a terrace that offers a cozy reading area.

Want a swim? Photos demonstrate that the L-shaped property is extremely luxurious. It encompasses a large pool with tropical landscaping and breathtaking views of the metropolis below.

The bedrooms feature walk-in closets, vibrant blue carpet, and expansive windows overlooking the verdant landscape.

The apartments have a steel framework on the ceiling and panoramic views, which are sure to impress.

Brad sold his $39 million estate this month. The house was originally offered for $45 million in January, but there is no explanation for why the price was dropped.

Pitt resided there for many years both alone and with his ex-wife Angelina and their six children before their 2016 divorce. Brad’s opulent, more than 110-year-old Hollywood Hills mansion is situated inside a gated neighborhood.

Jimmy Hendrix penned his 1967 song May This Be Love there; it is said that an oil billionaire built it in 1910. Brad has worked on restoring and building new extensions to the home for years with a group of famous architects and designers.

The actor from Interview with the Vampire is said to have played a significant role in the creation of his dream house. He bought a number of nearby parcels to expand the property’s size. The large 6,700 square foot main house on the property has five bedrooms and five bathrooms.

There are two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and a sizable Koi pond on the property’s right side. To the left is a skatepark with a full pipe.

The kitchen is a pale blue/green color and is adjacent to the open-plan living area.

There is sufficient closet space for all of Brad’s suits, leather jackets, and sunglasses.

Wood and eccentric artwork are featured throughout the property, giving it a midcentury modern feel.

There is a large dining area that is ideal for entertaining guests.

There are at least four guesthouses on the property, as well as a movie theater and a garage for Brad’s motorcycle collection. And, according to Elvira actress Cassandra Peterson, in a new interview with People, the actor allowed his 105-year-old neighbor to live rent-free on his home for years.

Following the death of his friend’s wife, the Oscar winner was the ideal neighbor, allowing him to become a lessee on the estate. Pitt gained his riches by amassing nearby homes, one of which belonged to a man in his early nineties, according to Peterson, 71, who became Pitt’s next-door neighbor in 1994 after selling him her property.

She remarked, “He was extraordinarily kind to the husband.” John’s wife passed away, but he remained in the house. I’m aware that Brad enabled him to live there for free until he died. It was amusing that John lived to be 105. Brad was probably thinking, “He can live there until he dies, which could happen at any time.”

During their years as neighbors, Peterson noted that the actor was always ‘kind and nice’ to her, and she admits that she ‘nearly fainted’ when she saw Brad Pitt shirtless and hitting a bag in preparation for the 1999 film Fight Club.

“I recall his saying, “Hey, how are you?” she said, and my response was, “Huh?” I couldn’t say anything. My face got extremely red. ‘I felt I was going to pass out,’ she says. In addition to being kind, he is wonderfully beautiful. Pitt’s $100 million real estate portfolio reportedly includes a $160 million French winery he co-owns with Angelina Jolie.

It peers out at views of the city’s skyscrapers, which are spectacular.

There is an outdoor seating area adjacent to the sauna that is surrounded by verdant vegetation.

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