Discover Kendall Jenner’s Serene Mansion in Los Angeles

Kendall Jenner in the sitting room of her bedroom suite, wearing a Prada jacket, top and trousers, and NeverNoT earrings.

The mother-and-son design team of Kathleen and Tommy Clements, as well as the legendary Waldo Fernandez, who worked with Kendall Jenner, 24, had no idea what to anticipate from their famous client. Her tastes were unanticipatedly eclectic and unconventional compared to the rest of her family. Tommy remembers the team’s first encounters with Jenner, the highest-paid model in the world, as being “totally understated and down-to-earth.” Given Kendall’s personality, we anticipated that she would like something flashier and more opulent. Kathleen continues, “I think we were all taken aback to realize that she has taste beyond her years. There are many people we know who have traveled widely and have experienced a lot, but they don’t learn anything, adds Fernandez. Kendall is special. “She absorbs everything and is certain about the things that speak to her,” he claims.

A Waldo’s Designs iron chandelier hangs above a walnut-and-oak dining table; Lief chairs by Axel Einar Hjorth from the 1930s.

“I like houses with personality.” “When I walked into this place, I was immediately drawn to the peaceful Spanish-y, farmhouse-y vibe,” Jenner says, perfectly encapsulating the hybridized, pan-Mediterranean architecture that abounds in L.A. “Because my life is filled with chaos, travel, and high energy, I wanted a home that felt serene, a place where I could simply zone out and relax,” she continues.

In the bedroom sitting area, a Tracey Emin sculpture hangs.

Jenner altered the old architecture just little, transforming two of the five bedrooms into glam and fitting rooms. The living space reflects the young model’s taste for warm, organic textures, earthy tones, and incredibly comfortable furniture. A warm fireplace anchors one end of the space, and two long sofas, stocked with a variety of vintage textile pillows, allow plenty of space for visiting guests and family. “I’m not much of a party animal.” “There aren’t many ragers here,” Jenner adds of her manner of entertaining. “I enjoy listening to music, lighting candles, and watching NBA basketball games with my friends.”

The pool bath features a Waterworks mirror and fixtures, mosaic tile by Badia Design, and a vintage Giuseppe Ostuni copper sconce from Galerie Half.

Cooking is also an important part of the Jenner hosting program. “Because of this house, I’ve spent more time in the kitchen.” I’m always trying to improve my chef game. “I’m a pretty good cook at this point,” she admits. “Kylie and I were extremely fortunate to have the guidance of our older sisters and a моther who has her s**t together.” They all gave me sound advice on how to best organize my kitchen and bathroom. “They also taught me that a house is always a work in progress,” she adds, referring to her Kardashian siblings Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé, as well as her powerful моther, Kris Jenner, the clan’s matriarch.

The kitchen cabinets are Benjamin Moore teal, with Waterworks fixtures and Galerie Half Pierre Jeanneret teak stools.

In contrast to the muted color scheme of the furniture and finishes, Jenner’s collection of contemporary art, which includes pieces by Barbara Kruger, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, and Sterling Ruby, gives some strong jolts of color to the mix. Just at the entrance, a recognizable ovoid wall sculpture by James Turrell that is animated by moving, computer-controlled LED lights welcomes visitors with a dreamlike colorful display. “[My brother-in-law] Kanye [West], who works with him, introduced me to his art,” Jenner recalls. “I’ve always respected James Turrell. I’m delighted that it is here because I wanted this piece to be the centerpiece of the home.

A signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture greets visitors with a dreamy chromatic display just off the entry, animated by shifting, computer-programmed LED lights.

Jenner’s bedroom features a De Le Cuona linen headboard, a Rose Tarlow table lamp, and an antique rug from Brenda Antin.

A bar area

A light installation by James Turrell casts varying hues on the bar area.

In the living room, a side table.

A 19th-century French chaise longue by Lee Stanton sits atop a painted floor cloth by Kaki Foley in the art studio.

Jenner’s bedroom sitting area is dominated by a pair of 18th-century panels; vintage French lounge chairs from Galerie Half covered in Rosemary Hallgarten alpaca bouclé; and curtain fabrics by Holly Hunt and Steven Harsey Textiles.

The daybed on the terrace is covered in Perennials fabric

The pool

Although Jenner admits that she is still new to the world of contemporary art, Fernandez emphasizes that her interest is not superficial. “Kendall wasn’t just ticking names off a list or blindly following an adviser’s advice. “I picked things that meant something to me, things that I had a gut reaction to,” the designer says.

The living room features custom sofas in thread linen, vintage pillows by Richard Shapiro Studiolo, Pat McGann, and Brenda Antin, and a shag rug by Woven.

In her bedroom’s sitting area, a Tracey Emin neon sculpture fights with a pair of 18th-century Italian-painted door panels. “I grew up in several homes where such panels were installed. I asked for them when my mum was clearing out one of her storage spaces. “They instantly transport me back to my childhood,” Jenner says. Despite their fondness for the doors, the designers were not immediately convinced of their applicability. “We all exchanged’I don’t know’ looks because they didn’t seem to fit in.” But when the room was eventually completed, we were overjoyed. “It really speaks to Kendall’s eye,” Tommy says emphatically.

The fitting room’s floor is covered by a vintage Malayer rug from Lawrence of La Brea.

The master bath features a brass tub by Catchpole & Rye, a wood stump chair by Waldo’s Designs, and an antique Ghiordes rug by Woven.

The panels, like the arts-and-crafts room she set up in the house’s former home theatre, are just one aspect of Jenner’s efforts to create a calming haven from the hectic pace of her professional life under the harsh spotlight of runway shows and paparazzi, according to Jenner, who has publicly discussed her battle with anxiety and panic attacks. This is the first home I’ve totally refurbished, and I believe it’s a real expression of who I am and what I like, she adds. “I’m quite happy of what we’ve achieved here. I’m still a young woman in Los Angeles trying to have fun, at the end of the day.

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