A Tour of Former Arsenal Star Mesut Ozil’s Luxurious €35 Million Mansion

Mesut Ozil left a $ 10 million mansion behind when he moved from Arsenal to Fenerbahce

Mesut Ozil has left Arsenal, with Fenerbahce issuing a press release confirming his arrival – and he is leaving behind a £10 million London home.

The German spent seven years at Arsenal after coming for £42.5 million from Real Madrid.

After scoring 44 goals and assisting 77 times for the North London club in 2018, he was rewarded with a £350,000-per-week contract.

The 32-year-old also had a reputation for lavish spending, having made purchases including an £800,000 car collection, a £10 million north London home, and other high-end luxury items two years earlier.

The German does have the option of selling the home as Ozil’s departure for Fenerbahce and his farewells in the city draw near.

Ozil’s villa is magnificent in general

The German purchased the six-bedroom mansion, which has a lounge with marble imported from Turkey

However, the 32-year-old may decide to stay in the city where he has ingrained so much Turkish culture in his students.

The midfielder lives in Hampstead, London, in a beautiful detached property with six bedrooms.

And the entire structure is inspired by Turkey, Ozil’s birthplace and the country of his new team.

His country, on the other hand, has an even closer connection to the palace, as the marble in the large living room was brought from Turkey.

He calls this space his “favorite room,” where the walls are painted to resemble an Istanbul bazaar. Overlooking it is a bronze-framed image of Selim III, the Ottoman Empire’s reform-minded Sultan from 1789 to 1807.

Ozil has a second living room with a larger sofa and a sizable mantlepiece made of grey and black marble. The large dining table and mirror in this room provide plenty of space for visitors.

Ozil’s home in the upscale north London district of Hampstead can accommodate a large number of guests

While the former Arsenal player has a cinema room where he plays FIFA and snuggles up with his wife and daughter Eda for a movie, he also has a home office

The lounge is where Arsenal’s departing midfielder, his wife Amine, and their daughter Eda “simply chill,” although he also gets his gaming fix in a large movie room.

Ozil has uploaded photos of himself playing FIFA and cuddling up with his wife for a movie on a wall-sized screen. There are six bedrooms upstairs, one of which is dedicated to his extensive shoe collection.

The German puts his trademark all over the house he acquired four years ago

The six-bedroom property also has a large garden behind it where the midfielder can show off his skills

Eight pairs of Adidas Yeezys worth $1,400 and some gold-studded Loubiton high-tops worth £865 are kept safe from the elements in a glass-fronted wardrobe.

The large garden is another option, where the 32-year-old broadcasts recordings of himself developing his skills.

While the £10 million is valuable in and of itself, Ozil increased the value of the building by applying his logo to nearly every door.

Ozil also has a room dedicated to his shoe collection, which includes thousands of pounds in Adidas Yeezys and Louboutins

Ozil may commute to the London palace in his Mercedes SLS AMG or other automobiles from his £800,000 collection if he stays at the London palace

If Ozil decides to keep the £10 million residence, he may return in one of his fancy cars.

The midfielder’s favorite car is his Mercedes G63 AMG, which costs around £150,000 and is inspired by the German national team, with whom he won the World Cup in 2014.

While the S65 AMG and SLS AMG satisfy the 32-year-old’s need for speed, the latter has been dubbed “the greatest car in the world” by Jeremy Clarkson.

Ozil’s former manager, Arsene Wenger, has spoken out about the midfielder’s departure.

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