Exclusive: Jesse Lingard’s Man United home, where even his underwear takes center stage

A new episode of MTV Cribs, which airs tomorrow at 8.30 p.m., features the 27-year-old Manchester United striker showcasing the unique combination and the remainder of his opulent five-bedroom home.

In a new edition of MTV Cribs, footballer Jesse Lingard shows off his magnificent home

Jesse also has a swimming pool, a cinema room, a hot water tap, and an emperor bed with a star-lit ceiling.

“My most valued assets,” he adds as he walks around his house, pointing out cameras.

“My clothes, my trainers, and my England shirts.”

“I like to come here every morning and look at my caps.”

“Get your day started right.

“That puts me in a good mood for the day.”

The Manchester United striker allowed MTV cameras into his home for the show

“This game (against. Panama) means a lot to me since it’s my first World Cup goal.”

“To truly score is a big emotion that will go on in my heart forever.”

“And I’m simply glad I got to represent my country.” “I did them justice.”

The luxurious pad includes an indoor swimming pool

Lingard isn’t afraid to show off his teddy bear collection to supporters

The footballer’s house boasts a large garden as well as five bedrooms

A boiling water tap is available in the modern kitchen

Of course, Jesse has a gym where he can work out

The footballer’s trainer collection is displayed prominently in his home

His house even boasts a bedroom with a star-lit ceiling

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