How Special Tour of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s $40M Private Jet, Donated for Father’s Day

View the $40 million private jet that the Crazy in Love singer gave her husband for Father’s Day in 2012.

Beyonce purchased the aircraft for her husband, Jay Z

It cost a whopping $40m

She gifted him the wonderful plane after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy, which features a full kitchen and two bathrooms.

This is how she outdid herself in 2010, when she presented him a Bugatti Veyron for his 41st birthday.

Queen B previously purchased a Bugatti Veyron for her husband

Before you even get aboard the ship, Jay Z has already made an impression. The initials of S. Carter are engraved on the outside.

The aircraft bears the initials, S. Carter

Shawn Carter is the name of the great lyricist and entrepreneur. The aircraft is a Bombardier Challenger 850, the company’s most powerful super-midsize business jet.

It measures 87 feet long and has a wingspan of 69 feet. The multimillion-dollar car has a top speed of 528 miles per hour.


There is a remarkable sense of elegance and space inside. The entire family and a large crew have enough room.

Seven people can sleep onboard, and it has room for up to 16 guests. The couple’s personalized interior design is perfect for juggling their professional and familial obligations.

The main cabin part includes a four-seater table, a roomy divan, and plenty of passenger space.

The long-range jet provides exceptional onboard comfort

The color design is sophisticated, with neutral walls, cream handcrafted leather seats, and gold accents. The floor is smooth dark brown with a pattern of white squares.

While the musical pair travels between destinations, the plane offers enough space for business meetings. At 30,000 feet, the airplane features a living area with a huge television for family time.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter can relax in their bedroom on a king-size bed with upholstered walls.


No peanut packet will ever be distributed to a passenger on this airplane. The staff is ready to prepare everything the pop singers and their guests need, and there is a full kitchen on board.

A fully equipped bar is also available for Jay Z or Beyonce to enjoy a glass of cognac or champagne. Within the airplane, there are two bathrooms with showers and vanity spaces. The restrooms on commercial airplanes are a far cry from the opulent interior of this aircraft.

Beyonce’s net worth exceeds $500 million

The couple’s combined wealth totals over $1bn

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