Ronaldo’s Floating Palace: A $6.6 Million Luxury Superyacht

LIFE’S an ocean for Cristiano Ronaldo

The Real Madrid star is relaxing on his amazing $6.6 million yacht in Madeira after stealing the show at the Euros.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez are currently in Madeira aboard their yacht

The Azimut Grande is owned by Juventus legend Ronaldo

The superyacht cost approximately £5.5 million

The Portuguese football hero remains in the lead in the competition for the Golden Boot despite his nation’s elimination from the tournament at the hands of Belgium in the round of 16.

Last year, he overspent on the lavish 88-foot Azimut Grande. It features six elegantly adorned bathrooms and five opulent cabins. It was constructed in the shipyards of Azimut-Versilia Benett.

Onboard, there is also a contemporary kitchen, two places to unwind, a sizable lounge, and an opulent dining area. With two 1,900 horsepower engines, it has a top speed of 28 knots and a massive weight of 93 tonnes due to its carbon fiber structure.

There are five luxurious cabins on board

Six modern bathrooms are available

The opulent dining room is ideal for a romantic dinner

A modern kitchen includes modern appliances

There is a bar on the deck

Two lounge areas are ideal for refreshing your tan

The vessel can travel at a top speed of 28 knots

Ronaldo’s new yacht was built with no expense spared

At 88 feet long, the Azimut Grande stands out

It is propelled by two 1,900 hp engines


In 2020, Ronaldo spent $6.6 million for the superyacht. Before acquiring his own, he rented the Africa I yacht from a charter business.

He was able to take his family, including missus Georgina Rodriguez, out on the Azimut Grande during its maiden journey along the Tyrrhenian coast last summer.

Georgina flaunted the boat by posting a ꜱеҳy bikini photo on Instagram while perched on deck.

Georgina Rodriguez flaunted her yacht on Instagram

Rodriguez jumps from the yacht into the Mediterranean Sea

Rodriguez brings Ronaldo his lunch

The Ronaldos relax in one of the many cabins

Ronaldo is taking a break after another outstanding season

On board their yacht, Ronaldo and Georgina share a romantic moment

Last year, the Azimut Grande was seen sailing along the Tyrrhenian coast

Rodriguez has certainly taken to his new acquisition

She uploaded a number of family pictures, one of which showed Cristiano being fed and the family unwinding in one of the bedrooms.

Ronaldo scored 29 goals in Serie A last season, earning him the coveted Italian record for most goals scored.

However, there is a lot of rumor around his future, and he has been connected to leaving the team.

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