Get Ready to Ride the Waves on a Shark-Shaped Yacht in 2023!

The semi-customizable yacht is available in shades of grey, black, white, or scarlet

Since we seen what happened in Jaws, it is always unwelcome to see a dorsal fin slicing through the water. A new shark-shaped yacht from Alpha Custom Yachts, however, enables you to regain some of this anxiety by transforming the animal’s most terrifying traits into a pleasurable activity: boating. Robb Report claims that Squalo Trenta, Alpha’s newest semi-custom boat, was created to match the shape of one of the ocean’s most feared predators. The ship’s name directly alludes to these distinguishing characteristics: The Italian word for shark is squalo, and the yacht’s name Trenta relates to its 30-meter (98-foot) length.

The interior of the vessel is contemporary

In contrast to a turtle-shaped yacht that launched in November, the shark-shaped yacht is not an exact replica of the animal. Instead, it captures the essence of the beast: it is imposing, sleek, powerful, and glides through the water smoothly. The exterior styling, interior design, and arrangement were handled by Roberto Curtó Design, an Italian yacht design studio. The naval architecture was overseen by Massimo Verme.

According to the designers, the vessels will have ample space for recreation and leisure

The inside is comfortable despite the towering exterior. A range of entertainment options are housed on three sizable decks, including an outdoor lounge pool, a bar, a wine cooler, and big-screen televisions. The yachts can have four or five bedrooms in addition to two crew cabins, depending on the owner’s preferences. Exterior color (while grey is the most shark-like, black, scarlet, and white are other alternatives) and engine model are further customization options. The shark can travel at a top speed of 15 or 16.5 knots and a cruise speed of 13.5 or 15.5 knots, depending on the latter.

Three Squalo Trentas are currently being manufactured and should be completed later this year

According to Robb Report, three Squalo Trentas are already in production and will be delivered by the end of 2023. The boats have been highly anticipated since the concept created waves (pun intended) in 2022, when it received the top award for a concept under 40 meters and was shortlisted for the same competition’s interior design category.

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