Introducing the Caliber 102 Yacht, Ideal for a Classic Bond Villain

The MUB Calibre 120M yacht design concept

The sailing superyacht Regina, the star of the James Bond film Skyfall, was the last vessel to perform with 007 in the film. This imposing 120-meter idea by Paris-based MUB Design begs to be featured in a future James Bond film.

The Calibre 120M will stand out in the harbor

The exterior is said to be inspired by the taper of a bullet, making it suitable for any villain’s armory. However, she is also sleek and sensuous, meant to draw attention and stand out from the procession of “wedding cake” boats in a harbor.

Although the 102-meter superyacht seems like a movie star, her design is actually pretty believable. The Austal trimaran of the next generation serves as the foundation for the construction of the Calibre 102M. For £50 million, Condor acquired the first of these contemporary Austal trimarans, hull number 270, for use as a rapid ferry.

These speedy vessels inspired MUB Design’s Mahjoub El Mahmoudi to create the Calibre 102M.

“Every summer, my family and I spent our vacations in Morocco, my home country. Mahjoub El Mahmoudi stated, “We began in Paris and drove through France and a portion of Spain to the port of Algeciras, where there were numerous types of boats.” “I recall being immediately captivated by the fast ferries, notably their lines, and speed. I could never conceal my excitement when I boarded the ship; it was always an adventure for me.”

This fascination with fast ferries has resulted in the Calibre 102M concept, which is not only designed to be fast – capable of reaching up to 39 knots with the help of three MTU 20V 800 engines – but also exceptionally comfortable and stable in rough seas, withstanding swells of at least five meters. Ideal for chase sequences requiring a swift escape.

Standard top-tier superyacht design features on the Calibre 102M include an entertainment space, helicopter deck, fitness center, Jacuzzi, and swimming pools. MUB also plans to store a variety of equipment in the beach club and include them with the yacht, including a submarine, Jet Skis, sea sleds, and JetLev jet packs.

There will also be a nightclub and a gigantic aquarium, which may be large enough for Bond to feed the sharks.

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