Ready to Sail: The Azimut Incredible Grande Trideck Yacht is Nearing Completion

The 38.2-meter Grande Trideck vessel is the largest project the renowned Italian shipyard Azimut has ever undertaken. Construction on the vessel began in September 2012. They’ve been working diligently on this amazing yacht ever since, despite the turbulent year we’ve all had, and we just learned that it’s almost done.

Azimut Yachts will deliver its first three-deck yacht in a few months, which sounds like the perfect excuse to put the year 2020 out of your mind. In addition to showcasing the brand’s capacity to advance design and aesthetic as well as construction, Grande Trideck aims to do the same.

Alberto Mancini, an Italian yacht designer, created the unique external design of this yacht, which includes dynamic and graceful lines that incorporate the exhausts and fairleads.

The most distinguishing aspect of this three-deck sailboat is its raised aft cockpit, which creates a variety of new outside spaces strategically spaced throughout the boat. A central gangway that connects straight to the aft raised deck, a sea-view terrace or beach club, and a private patio where passengers can unwind are among them.

The stunning beach club features full-height ceilings and a sizable gathering room with full-beams on the upper deck. The front bar’s sun porch and the custom spa’s sun lounger-lined surroundings are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing alone.

I have no doubt that the garage area, which is big enough to accommodate a tender and various water toys, would be appreciated by everyone onboard. This yacht has every amenity!

Achille Salvagni, another great Italian designer, used his ideas and talent to develop a flexible and informal plan that is ideal for partying. The secluded patio on the main deck may be our favorite site because it is great for individuals seeking privacy.

The Grande Trideck includes five accommodations, including a large owner’s suite on the main deck and four guest bedrooms midship. A sixth cabin can be installed to the upper deck upon request.

Azimut’s new Trideck yacht may reach a top speed of 23 or 24 knots with one of two 2400 or 2600 HP engine options, which is outstanding for a yacht of its size.

This was made possible by a lightweight superstructure made of carbon fiber laminated with vinyl ester and epoxy resin, while the D2P® hull assisted in lowering consumption and raising efficiency. We’re eager to witness this beauty in action!

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