Step Aboard the Incredible Vajoliroja: Johnny Depp’s Former Pirate-Style Yacht Worth $30 мιlIιons

That is true for the vast majority of public people, but Johnny Depp was no ordinary celebrity. He was worth well over $900 мlIon at his height as Hollywood’s highest-paid star, but that figure has subsequently decreased to $100 мlIon – $150 мlIon at most. His financial problems are the consequence of a number of circumstances, the most significant of which include his broken marriage to Amber Heard and her charges of domestic abuse against him, as well as his expensive lifestyle, which included spending $500,000 per month on wine alone.

When he was still Disney’s favorite pirate and the greatest heartthrob, Johnny Depp possessed one of the most famous celebrity-owned boats. The motor boat, which was sometimes described as a cross between a gypsy caravan, an Art Deco luxury hotel, and the fanciest private railway compartment, was not notable because it was huge, crammed with excessive facilities, or ridiculously expensive. It was famous because it belonged to him and was everything a Johnny Depp yacht should be.

Vajoliroja is no longer in Depp’s asset portfolio because the actor was compelled to sell it in 2016 after multiple meetings with his advisors and the realization that he needed to liquidate in order to avoid bankruptcy. The decision was incredibly hard on the actor, according to the current Depp vs. Heart defamation lawsuit. Understanding his anguish at having to part with the Motoryacht is made easier by learning more about it.

An older motor boat named Vajoliroja was shipped to Proteksan Turquoise Yachts in 2001. Its design is reminiscent of steampunk from the 1920s and features a steel hull, an aluminum, GRP, and teak superstructure. It had been on the market for some time when actor Johnny Depp made the decision to buy a boat; it had been sailing under the name Anatolia until Depp bought it. Depp searched the used market for something with personality, as opposed to most celebrities who would go for something new.

He noticed Anatolia, but he felt she was too little. It was that when he compared it to the long-distance explorers he’d been looking at, with three decks, a length of 156 feet (47.5 meters), and space for ten guests and nine crew. An explorer doesn’t have personality, though, so Depp decided to pay an undisclosed amount to buy Anatolia before seeing it.

Tanju Kalaycioglu designed the naval architecture, while Redman Whiteley designed the interior decor, for Anatolia. During a first refurbishment in 2007, the latter was taken out and replaced with a design created by LM Pagano, who closely collaborated with Depp. The vessel officially became Depp’s in late 2006, but it wasn’t sailing-ready until the summer of 2007. It was given a new name, Vajoliroja, which is an acronym for the initial letters of the family’s names, Vanessa, Johnny, Lily-Rose, and Jack. The overall reported cost of the boat is said to be around $30 million, with the refurbishment reportedly costing more than $7 million.

After Depp wed Amber Heard, the Greek sea goddess and Poseidon’s wife, the ship was christened Amphitrite. After taking a holiday on it and falling in love with the inside, J.K. Rowling bought it for an estimated $24 million or $28.9 million at the beginning of 2016. She listed it for little more than $19 million less than a year later, so whatever lust she may have had for it must have evaporated quickly – and at a cost. Although the name of the present owner is unknown, it is assumed that he is a businessman. Now operating under the name Arriva, the boat only serves the owner.

According to our knowledge, the Pagano interior, which gives this boat its distinct personality, is still in place. Luxurious materials such as crushed Italian velvet, silk, and jacquard, custom oxidized patterned leather, antiques brought in from all over the world, plush chenille on the walls, feathered hand-painted trims, and 24-K gold fixtures as furniture accents are among the highlights. At first glance, the styling is excessive: not only overwhelming but also suffocating. Pagano told Boat International in her only print interview years ago that Depp was directly involved in the design and that the result worked surprisingly well. Even better, the boat was cool and comfortable “hang.”

Each cabin has an ensuite bathroom and compensates for the lack of extra space with plush décor and personalized touches. For example, each cabin has its own custom stationery designed by Depp with an old pirate font. Despite what you may read online, the former Vajoliroja does not have a helipad, pool, or jacuzzi, but it does have a large, sheltered dining area aft and a cozy sun deck. An indoor dining hall, a private cinema, and a variety of water toys, including a Riva-style custom tender, are also available.

The ex-Vajoliroja, powered by two upgraded Caterpillar diesel engines, can reach top speeds of 13.5 knots (15.5 mph / 25 kph) and has a cruising range of 2,300 nautical miles (2,647 miles / 4,269 km). During Depp’s ownership, it was frequently available for charter at a weekly rate of $130,000 plus expenses. That’s how Rowling came to sail on it and fall in love with it enough to buy it.

Let’s take a look at some pictures of the superyacht 

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