Experience Luxury at Sea with Roberto Cavalli’s Superyacht’s Spectacularly Eccentric Design.

The Freedom from CCN (Cerri Cantieri Navali) is the third yacht in their Fuoriserie collection, which consists of 100% custom-made vessels for the most discerning owners.

Freedom was designed by Tommaso Spadolini, who previously collaborated with Roberto Cavalli on the yacht “RC.”

We’ve grown accustomed to Cavalli’s eccentric aesthetic, both on and off the catwalk. RC was an excellent example: 42 metres of iridescent livery that changed color based on the angle of the sun’s rays. A boat that is also known for its opulent parties, which are attended by celebrities and held on board in the most exclusive settings.

This time, he requested a “small” yacht, barely 28 meters long. It is not intended for parties, but rather for a calm vacation for a couple. According to Roberto Cavalli, Freedom should just have one cabin. He then decided to add a second one for tourists (along with the crew space). Let’s go check out this one-of-a-kind boat…

The appearance is entirely black outside. It was influenced by vintage motorboats and Batman-like vessels, and it is elegant yet aggressive. Two arches at the stern connect the fly and main decks while framing the cockpit and act as a distinguishing aesthetic feature for the boat.

The water level in the cockpit is really low. That’s exactly what Roberto Cavalli wanted. It connects to the living room, which has three glazed and entirely open sides. However, once closed, the area converts into a safe and comfortable environment with air conditioning.

Roberto Cavalli relishes flying and racing (he frequently pilots his own aircraft). In addition to his desire for close proximity to the ocean, he desired a high-performance means.

The sunbathing area with a sofa for two conceals the tender garage: the three jets left no room for an aft garage. The tender measures 4 meters in length.

The internal layout of Freedom is definitely unique. They clearly state that the boat is one-of-a-kind. The main deck’s full-beam master cabin is the yacht’s focal point.

The master cabin on Freedom functions similarly to a control room, with direct access to both the living-cockpit area and the staircase leading to the flybridge. A few steps lead from the bow door to the wheelhouse, which is also connected to the crew quarters.

Room with a view of the sea and the sky. The round skylight above the bed is adorned with the Roberto Cavalli crest, and there are four large windows on the sides.

The galley on the lower deck is enormous: there’s a casual corner for the owner’s breakfasts and snacks, but there’s also a lot more. Roberto Cavalli enjoys cooking and does not want to be constricted.

A series of backlit panels with blow-up photos from around the world can be found throughout the boat. They are photographs taken by Cavalli, who has travelled extensively around the world.

The entire room, including the furnishings, finishes, fabrics, and accessories, was created by Roberto Cavalli. His distinctive style features sculptures, gilded accents, and animalier motifs.

Celebrating 40 years of successful yacht design is Tommaso Spadolini.

As soon as Freedom was unveiled in Cannes, she was dubbed the year’s most innovative yacht. Unquestionably a worthy award.

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