Discover the Glamour of Steve Jobs’ Feadship Superyacht Venus: An Iconic Vessel

The famous yacht Venus is one of the most alluring superyachts there is. This can be as a result of her well-known owner, her distinctive outward design, or the complete secrecy that surrounded the vessel’s construction. The Philippe Starck-designed, Feadship-built, 78.2-meter yacht Venus made its debut in service in October 2012.

Venus is completely private and cannot be chartered

According to Feadship (as displayed on its website), late Apple inventor Steve Jobs was involved in the creation of the wholly unique design for Venus, which Feadship constructed exclusively for him. Unfortunately, Steve Jobs was never allowed to set foot on Venus because he died at a young age in 2011, the year before the spaceship was launched.

The yacht is still in the family and is currently owned by Steve Jobs’ widow, Laurene Powell Jobs. Venus cannot be rented because it is a completely private environment. According to multiple reports, Jobs was overheard telling his biographer, “I know that I may die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat.” except I don’t have an option except to go ahead with it. If I don’t, I’m admitting I’m on my way out of this planet.”

A striking silver paint job dominates the exterior

Since her launch, the yacht has been shrouded in secrecy, and the shipyard has been unable to comment on what is widely regarded as one of the most intriguing vessels it has ever constructed. Due to the project’s association with Steve Jobs’s illustrious name, it was inevitable that she would attract attention. However, the fact that this yacht is owned by a notable person is not the only thing that makes it fascinating; Venus also has a very distinctive exterior.

There is no visible radar arch or satellite equipment on Venus

The exterior is distinguished by an eye-catching silver paint job, shining stainless steel embellishments, and a line of rectangular windows stretching from the bow to just past amidships. Venus is elongated and slender, with a beam length of 11.8 meters and an all-glass superstructure. The outside of Venus was designed by Starck with many straight lines and 90-degree angles.

She has a distinctive axe оw and a flat, squared stern that opens to reveal a tender garage. Her оw is in the shape of an axe. Teak decking runs the length of the forward deck, which is fully free of impediments. Venus does not appear to have a radar arch or any satellite equipment to keep her exterior as clean as possible. Instead, all of this technology is hidden within a box.

“What stood out to me was the glass, the polished metal, and the minimalist aesthetic.”

While photographing Venus from a yacht, this was one of the first things that Giovanni Romero noticed about the planet. Romero was the first person to photograph Venus when she arrived in the Mediterranean on a frigid January morning following her shakedown voyage from the Dutch shipyard Feadship. Romero took the first photograph of Venus.

According to Giovanni Romero, “what struck me was the glass, the polished metal, and the minimalist design; in addition, you couldn’t see any satellites or anything else that would have detracted from her exterior design.” Because the sun had just begun to rise, I was able to fully appreciate all of the glass panels and the reflection off of her hull. According to him, being able to film on Venus was an unforgettable experience he will never forget.

Venus’s outer design, which is simple but nonetheless appealing, is evocative of the style of an Apple product such as the iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, when photographers approached Venus’s bridge, they noticed that it was unlike any other bridge they had ever seen. Instead, many Mac computer screens lined the inside of the bridge windows. “I recall being quite close by when I noticed a line of computer monitors when I looked up at the bridge.” Romero remarks that the occurrence was unusual.

Aside from a few peeks into the bridge, the interior of Venus has never been seen by the public; as a result, we can only conjecture as to how it may look; perhaps it would have the modern yet inviting feel of an Apple shop. For a long time, Apple’s motto has been “Think Different,” and it is quite evident that Jobs intended to build something startlingly unique with his boat Venus.

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