11 Fascinating Facts About Tiger Woods’ Luxury Yacht That Will Awe You

Tiger Woods has been living in his own ‘heaven-on-earth’ yacht, Privacy, throughout the US Open. Woods picked the more convenient but more expensive option to avoid the awful traffic that golfers endure on their way to the game while docked near the Shinnecock Hills in New York.

Five guest staterooms, four crew rooms, a gym, an eight-person hot tub, kayaks, scooters, and other amenities have been luxuriously given. This enormously huge and exotically expensive watercraft has been Tiger’s most major investment. Tiger has brought this lumpy beauty to a variety of destinations, including the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

Tiger Woods’ yacht is certainly well-known to you. Indeed, if you reside in Oyster Bay, Long Island, you may have lately noticed its enormous frame moored in a nearby harbor. That’s because Woods sent it and its crew to New York two weeks before the 2019 PGA Championship to await his arrival.

If you’re one of the few golf fans who isn’t aware with Tiger Woods’ yacht, here are 11 facts about “Privacy.”

A photograph of Tiger Woods’ yacht, “Privacy.”



Did we mention Tiger’s yacht is massive? Yes, it is. Extremely large. The boat spans an incredible 155 feet.


… as in floor. That’s correct, Tiger’s yacht has three levels. The majority of the action takes place on the main deck, but there is also a second level and an observation deck on top.


… on other times, Woods has stayed aboard his yacht throughout important competitions. This year’s PGA Championship was attended by him while he was aboard, which is why it was parked in Long Island. But Tiger has already slept on the water during important competitions. Both the 2005 US Open at Winged Foot and the 2014 US Open at Shinnecock Hills featured Tiger carrying Privacy.

20 million

A yacht like Tiger’s will set you back a lot of money. When he bought Privacy in 2004, Woods reportedly paid around $20 million. He can afford it with an estimated net worth of $800 million.


A staggering amount of 12,000 gallons of fuel can be carried by Tiger’s yacht. It might seem like a lot, but the enormous twin engines on the craft require a specific kind of fuel to produce their full 1,800 horsepower combined output.


As previously said, Tiger sleeps in Privacy during key tournaments held on Long Island. His is not, however, the sole bed aboard the yacht. There are more. On board, there are five bedrooms, each of which can accommodate 10 passengers. However, this figure does not account for the crew’s living quarters…


It turns out that a boat of this size requires a huge staff to manage successfully. The number? precisely nine of them. That’s correct, Tiger requires the help of nine different people simply for his boat. Nine bedrooms are on board, with four of those bedrooms being shared by the crew, who reside together in four different cabins.


What good is a large luxury boat if it lacks amenities to keep the affluent visitors entertained? There are a plethora of them aboard Tiger’s yacht, one of which being a jacuzzi on the deck with seating for eight people and a bar so that anyone soaking in it can ink if they so like. There is also a fitness center and a decompression chamber for scuba divers.


The total range of Tiger’s yacht is 4,000 nautical miles, which is sufficient for a round-trip journey from Tiger’s home in Jupiter Island, Florida, to Bethpage Black on Long Island.


Even though privacy was not developed with racing in mind, it still has the potential to achieve some respectable speeds. The maximum speed that the yacht is capable of reaching is 18 knots, but her cruising speed is 16.


As a result of its scale, Tiger’s yacht has ample space on board to accommodate a number of smaller boats that can be used for amusement. This package also includes three jet skis, two ocean kayaks, and two motorized bicycles.

The following is the conclusion. While you and your companions watch Tiger compete for the 2019 PGA Championship title at Bethpage Black, you now have bragging rights that will astound them. You can view photographs of Tiger’s yacht in the gallery that follows.


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