Experience the High Life on Eric Clapton’s Va Bene Yacht

Blues and rock guitarist and songwriter Eric Clapton is. His works are some of the most well-known in the country. He is listed among the greatest guitarists of all time. He was born in England in 1945, and over time, he rose to become one of the greatest entertainers ever. He has a significant net worth and many expensive possessions. He also owns a luxurious home and a yacht. We’ll look into his yacht. View Eric Clapton’s yacht below.

The yacht costs $10 million and has a capacity of 12 people. Clapton also built the boat in 1992 and renovated it in 2007. It was once owned by Bernie Ecclestone. A hot tub, waterskis, and kayaks are among the attractions. Visitors can also access three unique levels aboard the boat. There includes one master suite, one double suite, and four duplex suites. The interior appears to be both contemporary and welcoming.

On Va Bene, guests are greeted by neutral colors. The main gathering places have a distinctly Art Deco design. The old-fashioned but eye-catching design was modernized rather than removed in 2008 when the yacht underwent a renovation. It produces a calm and leisurely ambiance as opposed to the flashy, in-your-face aspect that is typical of showboat vessels. Clapton leads a luxurious family life despite being one of the most well-known rock musicians in the world, as shown by the yacht’s furnishings and décor.

The yacht Va Bene’s saloon is divided into four distinct spaces, each with its unique flair. The card room is outfitted with leather chairs, while the movie theater is outfitted with a huge taupe-colored sofa upholstered in soft corduroy. The slightly more formal dining room is located around the corner from the main welcome area. The area is well-lit, with an oak table inlaid with Italian marble and an eye-catching collection of abstract art.

The Va Bene, which is replete with artwork, bears witness to Clapton’s love of the arts. Va Bene is a floating gallery of art that showcases a wide variety of works, including miniature oil paintings of Venice, large abstract canvases, ceramic urns, and marble sculptures. All through, there is music as well as art. Arcam iPod docking stations are quietly positioned in each apartment and public space, enabling guests to listen to their personal music library whenever they choose. For the best movie viewing experience, the Va Bene has a number of Panasonic Viera flat-screen televisions as well as a vintage Bang & Olufsen CRT television.

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