Discover the lavish Musashi yacht owned by Larry Ellison, fit for royalty

Larry Ellison, an American businessman and co-founder of Oracle Corporation, is believed to be worth $114 billion. Ellison is no stranger to the maritime scene, having co-owned a catamaran with David Geffen for many years. He allegedly sold his stake to Geffen because their 453-foot yacht, Rising Sun, was simply too big for him. That happened in 2010. Ellison has since purchased his very own yacht.

Design and Features of Larry Ellison’s Yacht

Ellison’s yacht is called Musashi. It was built in 2011, not long after he sold his prior boat to David Geffen. Sinot Yacht Design created the interior, while De Voogt Naval Architects created the exterior for the firm Feadship.

The ship has a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. Teak is used to make the platforms. At-anchor stabilizers are installed on the megayacht to improve comfort. An estimated 88,000 liters of fresh water are stored in the ship’s water tanks.

What’s with Larry Ellison and Miyamoto Musashi?

Ellison has owned the Katana and the Katana in addition to Ronin and Katana. All four of these yachts have a theme of Japan, with a significant emphasis on samurai culture.

Rising Sun refers to Japan, often known as the Land of the Rising Sun, although the other names are more samurai-inspired. A samurai without a master is known as a ronin, and katana is a type of blade frequently associated with these fighters. The name Musashi comes from Miyamoto Musashi, a great samurai soldier and Japanese swordsman. Musashi was said to be a skilled swordsman who had gone unbeaten in over sixty duels.

Some of the architectural design components of the vessel Sinot were also motivated by this love for Japanese culture. This includes features like an overall minimalistic Japanese style, clean exterior lines, and interior materials and artwork that reflect Japanese style or design aesthetics. A painting by Hiroshi Senju is one of the most noteworthy pieces.

Interior of Larry Ellison’s Yacht

The Musashi superyacht can hold up to 18 guests in addition to the crew members who run the boat. There are ten guest rooms here, including two VIP cabins. A movie theater, a spa, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a volleyball court, a shore, and equipment for water sports are just a few of the many amenities accessible to guests.

All five of the ship’s decks are accessible through a handy elevator. You can also navigate the building via a glass and stainless steel stairway. The fitness center, spa, crew rooms, and access to the ship’s systems are situated where typically a tender garage would be found on the lower decks.

The Musashi has both a crane that can launch racing vessels and a basketball court that may also be used for other sports, like football and volleyball.

Of course there is a tender garage, but it is part of the huge beach club on the main deck of the ship. The majority of the passenger cabins are located on the main deck, which also has a theater that may be used as a lounge.

The largest VIP suite takes nearly half of this space as you travel to the upper deck.

How Much Did Musashi Cost?

According to various accounts, Musashi cost Ellison roughly $160 million. This does not make it the most expensive yacht in the world, but it is still a superyacht.

The annual expenses for operating the boat, which include taxes and permits, employee pay, and fuel costs, are projected to be between $10 million and $20 million per year. This may appear to be a large amount, but it is usual for a yacht of this size. This is one of the reasons why many multibillionaire yacht owners hire their vessels while not in use. It is much easier to cut these expenditures when someone else is paying for them.

However, Ellison has decided not to make his yacht available for charter. At least not right now.

Speed and Propulsion

Musashi is propelled by twin 5,766hp MTU 20V4000 M93L diesel engines.

The fuel capacity of the yacht is 335,000 L (88,000 US gal).

At 12 knots (22 km/h), Musashi has a maximum range of 6,000 mi (11,000 km).

The vessel’s cruising speed is 18 knots and its maximum speed is 21 knots.


Musashi is a substantial yacht, but it is not the largest yacht in the world.  It has a length of 288 feet and a width of 45.6 feet. The megayacht has a draft of 13.5 feet and a gross tonnage of 2,463.

How Does The Musashi Yacht Compare to Other Luxury Yachts?

This opulent superyacht and David Geffen’s yacht, the Rising Sun, which was formerly owned by Ellison, are perhaps the most obvious analogies. At 453 feet, The Rising Sun is 165 feet longer than Musashi. Compared to Musashi’s $160 million, The Rising Sun reportedly cost around $200 million.

The Eclipse, owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, is said to have cost him $1.5 billion after the first purchase and numerous retrofits and improvements, even though $160 million is not a modest price.

Musashi is smaller than the huge Azzam, which is the largest yacht in the world. It is about 600 feet long, or 180 meters, long.

The Bottom Line

Larry Ellison is the creator of Oracle and one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world. He spent $160 million on his yacht, Musashi, as a medieval samurai. Musashi has a length of 288 feet and can carry up to 18 passengers. Among other amenities, the boat has a pool, Jacuzzi, and gym, and its design is primarily influenced by Japanese aesthetics.

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