Meet the Trimaran Concept, a High-Tech Vessel Inspired by the ‘Star Trek’ Enterprise on Water

Anthony Glasson is breaking new ground with his most current trimaran design.

M51 Concepts

M51 Concepts’ innovative designer has now shown a new 275-foot vessel modeled after the fictional Enterprise from the iconic Star Trek franchise. However, it wasn’t until Enterprise was finished that the designer could clearly perceive his inspiration.

“I had been watching the first season of Star Trek and unknowingly designed a yacht that resembles the original Enterprise,” Glasson explained in a statement.

The courtyard

The hull design was selected for functionality, an entirely different goal. The designer needed the typical wide beam of a trimaran because they wanted to incorporate a “courtyard”. On the sundeck, this unusual area is completely enclosed to protect you from the elements yet has an open ceiling to let in light. A comprehensive exercise center and a day lounge are located after the hot fountain, bar, and comfortable couches up front. Access to the courtyard is via a single, circular elevator that serves all platforms.

The bridge deck, which starts on the top level and is just for staff, also has a day lounge and the owner’s office. The main lounge, bar, and dining room are all open spaces on the upper deck, while the beach club, hot tub, and remaining vast living quarters are on the main deck.

The main lounge

Enterprise boasts a full-beam owner’s stateroom as well as seven customizable visitor cabins that can seat a total of 12 passengers. She has a large forward deck with a settee, an alfresco dining area, and a third hot tub, so there’s plenty of room for outdoor enjoyment.

Although Enterprise is not a full-fledged explorer (Glasson refers to it as an adventure boat), it bears many similarities. The enormous tender garage, for example, is placed aft beneath the helipad and has plenty of room for cars. The go-anywhere cruiser, in addition to a hybrid propulsion system with a range of 5,000 nautical miles, is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system.

Furthermore, according to Glasson, the all-aluminum multihull has significant advantages over monohulls of comparable length and capacity. While at sea, you may expect to use around 30% less fuel. Admiral Kirk would approve.

The exterior

The courtyard

The dining room

The courtyard’s gym

The courtyard

A bird’s-eye view of the courtyard

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