What did the $500M Jeff Bezos billionaire buy?

According to The New York Post, Jeff Bezos’ $500 million superyacht Koru (codename Y721) was observed in the North Sea (sea in the northern Atlantic Ocean) on 13/02. Dutch Yachting posted a video of the test run to their YouTube page.

Koru is almost 127 meters long and made of steel and aluminum. Three decks are said to exist, one of which has a pool. For the millionaire who was born in 1964 or his notable guests, the big yacht also includes a backup ship that is approximately 76 meters long and equipped with a helipad. According to The Daily Mail, the small yacht might contain a range of “toys” like speedboats, expensive cars, jet skis, and possibly a personal submarine.

Operating Koru costs roughly $25 million each year. The boat can hold 18 guests and needs a 40-person crew.

The local community is vehemently opposed to the government’s methods. In response to the aforementioned, Ahmed Aboutaleb, the mayor of Rotterdam City, declared in February 2022 that no decision or permit application had been made about the bridge’s deconstruction. He emphasized that the government would make a decision when the permit application was submitted and an expert’s assessment of the impact (if the bridge would be harmed during deconstruction and whether Mr. Bezos would shoulder the expense).

In the end, it proved impossible to demolish Koningshaven. Without a mast, the boat was hauled from the construction site to another shipyard in a neighbouring town.

But it is impossible to completely win over public opinion. Many residents of Rotterdam claimed that if Bezos’ superyacht crossed the De Hef bridge, they would demonstrate by throwing eggs at it. This could be the cause of the lack of activity around the yacht’s removal from the yard after it was built and ready for a test run.

Koru is not the most expensive yacht in the world. This honor comes to the $4.8 billion History Supreme, purchased in 2011 by an undisclosed Malaysian investor.

However, Bezoz’s position caused Koru’s net worth to fall, which Forbes estimates at $181 billion. It is the most valuable thing in a wealthy businessman’s and stunning girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s superyacht, chopper, and jet collection.

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