This magic boat can only be owned by the very wealthy

Famous architect Jozeph Forakis has now proposed a magnificent superyacht made completely of mirror glass that can reflect its surroundings. It is also said that the 88-meter-long superyacht Pegasus is “invisible in both design and environmental impact.”

The Pegasus yacht will reportedly feature solar panels mounted on and around its superstructure, enabling the ship to run both on solar energy and its engine. hydrogen-powered hybrid vehicles. The electricity from the solar panels will be used to power equipment to electrolyze saltwater to extract hydrogen.

The generated electricity is then stored in a lithium-ion battery and utilized to power the azimuth thruster/azimuth propulsion system, a type of propulsion device that employs a propeller. It didn’t need a rudder because it was encased in a gourd that could freely rotate in the horizontal plane.

The superyacht will be the world’s first to be built using a robotic 3D printer to mesh the entire vessel. According to designer Joseph Foakis, this will give an extremely durable yet lightweight architecture that can be closed with less work, resources, waste, time, and space than present techniques. Typical shipbuilding.

The boat’s uncomplicated design was motivated by natural living. The ship’s exterior offers unobstructed views of the sea in all directions, while its inside is adorned with bright plants. The inside of the yacht comprises a spacious foyer and four floors connected by an elaborate spiral staircase. Additionally, the Pegasus has a multi-level hydroponic garden known as the “Tree of Life” that spans vertically across all four decks, filters the air, and produces fresh produce like vegetables.

On the top deck of Pegasus is a master suite with a large private patio that is exclusively accessible by the yacht’s owner. Finally, the swimming area in front of the ship is designed like an aquarium, with translucent walls. When the pool cover is closed, it doubles as a helipad.

Although the price of this superyacht has not yet been made public, the extremely wealthy will surely be its target market. The Pegasus is currently being designed for presentation to potential shipyards and might begin production by 2030.

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