Discover the Extravagant World of the World’s Largest Sailing Yacht Worth $600M

SAILING YACHT A is a lot more than just a fancy yacht. She is a two-year-long design and innovation marvel that fuses modern naval architecture with elegant metal surfaces.

Philippe Starck, whose most well-known creation is SAILING boat A, created both the inside and exterior of this enormous sailing boat, which was unveiled in 2017.

The superyacht has been seen off the shores of Gibraltar and Cyprus most recently after traveling the world.


Philippe Starck, a French architect famed for his various design projects, designed both the inside and exterior of SAILING YACHT A. He is well-known for his work on the magnificent MOTOR YACHT A, and the layout and specs of these two iconic vessels are astonishingly identical.

Andrey Melnichenko, the owner, used the same design team several times to ensure that his two largest vessels were compatible and could be used together flawlessly. Both vessels are futuristic and are sure to draw notice wherever they travel.

The keel of SAILING YACHT A is said to have an underwater observation capsule made of 30 centimeters (1 foot) thick glass. This is one of the rare places where the public may see design prototypes and evaluate interior design. The cream upholstery appears to reach from the floor to the ceiling of the observation room.

Visitors can glimpse the beautiful underwater world from the yacht through two big, symmetrical glass windows. A third window at the bottom of the pod provides a truly 360-degree experience, almost submarine-like. Guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind eating experience in this odd setting by placing drinks or nibbles on a tiny floating side table in the pod.

Given that the pod is located at the yacht’s keel, the enormous propellers are likely visible from the windows, indicating that it is typically used at anchor. In addition to 54 crew members, the super yacht features 10 cabins that can accommodate twenty visitors.

Photographs taken by paparazzi and yacht spotters provide a rare view inside SAILING YACHT A. Although no official footage of the yacht’s cabins or salons has been released, Starck’s prior work implies that the yacht will be decked with luxurious components that seamlessly integrate luxury and style.

Andrey Melnichenko’s MOTOR YACHT A, for example, has elegant furniture in white and cream tones that are offset by dark hardwood pieces and teak. Silver and metal accents serve an important part in linking the yacht’s interior design together.

SAILING YACHT A, on the other hand, was launched considerably later than her motorized counterpart, implying that her interior may be more contemporary and minimalistic, rather than opulently equipped.

A few photos taken through open doors and portholes show pricey artworks adorning the yacht’s interior, as well as some unusual design decisions, such as a set of chairs shaped like enormous human heads. The salon appears to be large and open, with high seats and arches on either side.

The specifics of SAILING YACHT A’s lavish spa section, big gym, and an owner’s suite with various chambers that can only be accessible with a fingerprint are undisclosed to the public. The large private area is said to have a 60-inch television that disappears into the floor and a rotating bed.

SAILING YACHT A can only accommodate 20 visitors, which is remarkable given that she is the world’s largest sailing yacht.

This signifies that there are plenty of entertainment options on board, such as many saloons and plenty of space below deck for crew members.

Due to her huge size and limited number of cabins, it is believed that SAILING YACHT A can accommodate a significant number of day guests for special events and festivities.

SAILING YACHT A owner – Andrey Melnichenko

The largest sailing yacht in the world is owned by Russian entrepreneur Andrey Melnichenko, who made his fortune in the coal and fertilizer sectors.

He also owns MOTOR YACHT A, which is 24 meters shorter than SAILING YACHT A.

Melnichenko, one of the richest people in Russia, is said to have a net worth of $13 billion. Among his most valued belongings are two superyachts and a private Boeing 737 jet.

Melnichenko and his wife Aleksandra, a former singer and model, particularly enjoy exploring the Mediterranean with SAILING YACHT A. Off the Croatian coast, they are commonly observed, usually accompanied by MOTOR YACHT A.

Tara and Adrian, the couple’s two children, occasionally travel with their parents on lengthy excursions aboard the opulent vessels owned by the Melnichenko family.

Biggest sailing yacht controversy

According to some, SAILING YACHT A is not the largest yacht in the world, but rather the “largest sail-assisted motor yacht.”

Depending on the criterion used, BLACK PEARL would be the world’s largest sailing schooner.

The most expensive sailing yacht

The most expensive sailing yacht in the world, SAILING YACHT A, is believed to have cost $600 million, which is a “affordable” cost given her size and tonnage.

In the yachting sector, where European yachts generally cost US $60,000 per ton or more, a calculated US $48,000 per ton is viewed as modest.

The value of SAILING YACHT A would climb to almost $800 million at this average price. These figures are only estimations and cannot be formally verified because the official selling price has not been made public.

It can be assumed that SAILING YACHT A’s total value is much more than her initial cost because she was a specially constructed, one-of-a-kind vessel.

Her yearly operational expenditures are from $50 to $75 million and include staff, supplies, and docking fees.

Currently not for sale or charter, SAILING YACHT A’s owner, Andrey Melnichenko, is quite picky about who is allowed on board.


SAILING YACHT A is unusually enormous for a sailing yacht, and she ranks in the top ten longest motor yachts in the world.

This gigantic sailing yacht is more than spectacular, with a length of 143 meters (469 feet), a beam of 25 meters (82 feet), and a draft of 8 meters (26 feet).

After more than two years of construction at the Kiel shipyard of Nobiskrug, a German superyacht function Object() [native code], SAILING YACHT A was launched in 2017.

SAILING YACHT A is the largest yacht Nobiskrug has ever built and continues to be its flagship.

It is regarded as the most complicated project ever completed in the sailing business, and the day of its introduction drew international media attention. It has a total volume of 12,558 tons and is propelled by hybrid diesel-electric engines.

SAILING YACHT A is the world’s longest sailing yacht, measuring more than 36 meters (118 ft) longer than BLACK PEARL, the world’s second-longest sailing yacht.

Her project name, WHITE PEARL, refers to her sparkling white exterior, however it cannot be a reference to Melnichenko’s masterpiece BLACK PEARL because she was released in 2019, a year after Melnichenko’s masterpiece.

Her three carbon masts stand 100 meters (328 feet) tall, making them among the world’s tallest and taller than Big Ben in London.

Her size, however, might be a burden at times, as she cannot move beneath most bridges and is thus restricted to select routes.

She once went beneath San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge with only 20 feet of space between her masts and the bridge’s deck.

She is said to have an electric gimbal crow’s nest that allows for remote operation and advanced wind readings. Her white sails and almost sickle-shaped masts add to her futuristic image.

It is worth noting that she is regularly pictured with her sails lowered, implying that she may rely on her auxiliary motors rather than wind power.

She can reach speeds of up to 21 knots because to her twin 4,895-horsepower MTU engines, which have a sail area of nearly 3,700m2 (40.000 square feet).

Her cruise speed is 16 knots, and her range is calculated at 5320 nautical miles. She boasts a sophisticated sail system that allows her sails and anchors to be lifted and dropped with the push of a button.

The steel hull and composite steel superstructure of SAILING YACHT A are unusual in the superyacht sector, as most builders opt for aluminum to save weight and make the vessel light.

As is customary for noteworthy sailing yachts, she currently sails under the Bermudan flag.


SAILING YACHT A was known as project WHITE PEARL while it was being built, which was a fitting name for such a large ship.

Although the Dutch firm Dykstra Naval Architects contributed to the naval architecture of SAILING YACHT A, Philippe Starck also created the exterior.

They specialize in all sizes of sailing yachts and have taken part in many illustrious industry projects throughout the years.

She features eight teak decks, a sizable pool in the middle, and numerous elevators spread out all across the yacht.

According to reports, she has a submarine. The main pool is set back from the terrace, giving the owners more solitude.

24 shell apertures in her hull are used to access equipment and offer extra deck space when needed. She is accompanied by four tenders that Lloyd Stevenson built in New Zealand and that Philippe Starck also designed.

They are used to transport visitors and lead excursions, and their sleek and exquisite design complements that of the main vessel.

One of SAILING YACHT A’s tenders is a carbon fiber speedboat that is only available to the owner, who is able to pilot the boat alone whenever necessary without help from the crew.

Melnichenko, who enjoys driving fast automobiles, can continue to be independent while residing on his opulent yacht thanks to this. Despite its small size, the tender can travel at a speed of up to 53 knots.

The larger ships, which can carry up to eight passengers and have panoramic windows that are great for exploring and taking in the scenery, go at a leisurely 30 knots.

Jet skis, tenders, and other gear can be stored in a sizable garage near the stern. The room was created to readily convert into a dance floor and entertainment area if necessary, although Andrey Melnichenko is widely known for his love of grandiose parties and gatherings.

High-profile performers like Snoop Dogg are said to have played here, however there is no proof of this.

The aft can be transformed into a bathing platform in the distinctive futuristic design of the boat when not in use for performances or parties.

Surprisingly, SAILING YACHT A includes classic nautical details despite her cutting-edge design. She has a wooden steering wheel that is unusable and smells like a pirate ship.

Instead, contemporary technology allows the captain to control the massive yacht using a joystick and touchscreen.

The crew has a greater vantage point from which to gauge the scale of the large vessel thanks to symmetric extensible balconies that protrude from the yacht’s bridge.

Undoubtedly, SAILING YACHT A is equipped with a state-of-the-art underwater lighting system that perfectly illuminates the boat at night.

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