Tyson Fury’s Luxury Superyacht Makes a Stunning Appearance in a Breathtaking Location

Tyson Fury and his wife were recently on holiday in the South of France aboard their opulent yacht, a popular hangout for millionaires’ floating homes. They were seen taking full advantage of the water and jet skiers.

The retired boxer, though, does not keep his water-toy-filled superyacht to himself. Anyone who can afford it can charter his yacht when he and his family are not in the mood for a holiday.

The lovely iRama was recently spotted in yet another gorgeous summer vacation location. The ship’s exquisite profile stood out against the Ligurian Sea near the coast of Albenga, Northern Italy. It was anchored in front of Gallinara Island, a private island famous for its unique appearance.

Tyson’s luxury yacht is no stranger to these locales, as it primarily sails in the Mediterranean. The 137-foot (41.8-meter) sailboat, formerly named Elisea Nova, was built by the Turkish shipyard Concept Marine in 2009.

It is still in outstanding shape thanks to a recent restoration by Monaco Marine in 2018. The iRama is a remarkably fast yacht for its size, attaining speeds of up to 21 knots (24 mph/39 kph) and cruising at 18 knots (20.7 mph/33 kph) thanks to twin MTU engines delivering 4,515 horsepower.

Along with Sea-Doo jet skis and luxurious bedrooms that can sleep up to 12 people, the iRama is outfitted with water skis, an electric skateboard, and Sea-Doo jet skis.

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