Experience the Thrill of Speed on the Water with the Fastest Aluminum Superyacht in the World!

The first VQ115 Veloce will break speed records while moving at over 50 knots. It was commissioned by and built in partnership with a repeat customer.

Vanquish creator Tom Steentjes says the client knew the business could customize because he enjoyed driving his present Vanquish. This launch model for the VQ115 Veloce series is the outcome of long brainstorming sessions about a unique tri-deck powerboat that would entertain large parties, allow extended stays on board, and offer a wide variety of water sports.

Evolving ideas

Despite the fact that the owner built a second cabin, a dining room on the lower deck, and two garages, the early conversations, which were based on VQ90 design concepts, quickly changed. The 115-foot (35-meter) motoryacht that was created has more of everything while yet being true to the brand.

To ensure that there are no speed compromises, this also requires the installation of the largest engines feasible, a trio of MTU-Rolls-Royce 2650s. With surface drives as its power source, the VQ115 Veloce will reach top speeds of more than 50 knots. She will probably be the fastest aluminum boat ever built with “normal” diesel engines, meaning non-turbine powered.

Design challenges

While all VQs are known for their speed, the combination of length and knots provided such a severe issue that the entire design process was centered on it. The naval architecture of a hull with spray deflectors in the bottom shell was designed by Studio Delta in the Netherlands. As a consequence, you get ideal comfort and performance, as well as a significant gain in fuel economy at high speeds.

The hull on which Guido de Groot and his crew built their design was relatively narrow. The engines will be arranged in a trapezium pattern, with the middle engine in the lead. Two gyro stabilizers will allow the Vanquish to retain another Vanquish feature — true comfort at all speeds — on this brilliant mix of race boat and luxury yacht. Running on one or two engines, the range will be up to 600 nautical miles, with an auxiliary fuel tank available for travelling at reduced speeds.

Tenders, Toys, and Entertainment

Despite the propulsion system, there is sufficient room aft for a sizable VQ16 tender bay. A dedicated tender system will be used to launch this vessel, and a multipurpose hydraulic platform with a passerelle and swimming ladder will make it simple to get in and out of the water. A VQ11 water scooter that can be used as a tender will be kept in a second garage on the starboard side of the ship. A live bait tank, paddleboards, sea bobs, and other recreational tools will be available in this area. Diving will be made easier with a hydraulic ladder.

The VQ115 practically and symbolically pushes the idea of outdoor enjoyment to new heights. Like on every Vanquish, outdoor entertainment plays a significant role in every aspect of the yacht. Like the ability to raise the sunbeds and create a saltwater jacuzzi on the spacious foredeck, which also features a wide seating area for relaxing and dining. The flybridge includes a sunbathing space and its own helm station, while the aft deck has a ton of places to unwind.

Instantly recognizable

The flybridge is integrated into a distinct exterior profile as part of a design with clean, simple lines.

To compliment the exterior, the inside boasts a contemporary design with a relaxed groove, Vanquish trademark accents, and 45-degree treatments. A creative layout makes the most of the extra space. The main deck saloon will be totally personalized to the owner’s preferences, with movable furnishings to accommodate the occasion and time constraints. When work calls, there’s an office, a pantry with its own cocktail bar, and a day head to keep the bottom deck quiet. Stairs lead up to the sport flybridge, and the aft door completely opens to provide a connected space with the aft deck: matching floors ensure continuity between outdoor and inside spaces.

A larger galley and a U-shaped seating/dining room with a country kitchen aesthetic may be found on the lower deck. Each of the three cabins—a VIP cabin, a guest cabin, and a full-beam master suite—has a bathroom of its own. The number of beds is increased to eight thanks to a special media area that is furnished with two Pullmans, a giant screen, and a top-notch sound system. There are another four crew member places.

In production

This potentially record-breaking powerboat will arrive in the Hamptons in 2022.

Other clients looking for the same amount of internal space. Owners who enjoy the design but prefer to drive at a slower speed can alter the engine arrangement accordingly, in addition to configuring the interior and external features to their preferences.

Length overall: 35m/115ft
Beam: Max 6.7m/22ft
Draught: 1.35m /4.5ft
Displacement: 95t (depending on load and options)
Fuel: 9000 liters / 2377 US gallon
Max Speed: 50+ knots (depending on load and options)
Engines: Triple R.R. MTU 2650 with surface drives

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