Explore the Magnificent Superyacht Designed by Giorgio Armani

As Giorgio Armani has stated, designing a superyacht makes sense if you love design and the water. The famous fashion designer noted, “The sea and design are two of my greatest passions.” “With this new collaboration, I have extended my idea of furnishing and decor to the nautical world, where aesthetics and functionality come together in a natural and elegant style, just like fashion.” Armani revealed Admiral, the first of two superyachts, at Marina di Carrara, Italy, this weekend. The 236-foot vessel, built with Marina di Carrara-based luxury superyacht firm The Italian Sea Group, will be delivered to its buyer in early 2024, according to a press statement.

The ship will be delivered to its new owner in early 2024

The superyacht’s upper deck is furnished with modern and minimalist furniture

According to a statement from Giovanni Costantino, the founder and CEO of The Italian Sea Group, “This mega-yacht, the result of an exciting partnership of which I am extremely proud, is further confirmation of our way of being able to realize unique projects with Made in Italy brands of excellence that share our values.”

A massage room in the superyacht

The onboard fitness center features large-picture windows

The vessel is built with the same traditional elements that Armani has long used into his apparel and furniture. These characteristics include daring yet relaxed decor, understated minimalism, and effortless elegance. According to the designer, “this extremely stimulating project has allowed me to create customized spaces with Armani/Casa—just like made-to-measure clothing—with the same craftsmanship applied to the choice of materials, details, and production.” Early renderings show a variety of lounges, as well as a gym and a spa, all of which visually represent the minimalist touch that Armani has traditionally cherished in his creative philosophy. According to the press release, all of the spaces will be built with the best quality materials and finishes. As a result, there will be a noticeable rise in luxury without the illusion of excessive excess.

A pool and bar make relaxing on the ship’s upper deck even more enjoyable

Two curved volumes can be seen on the ship’s exterior, which together form a dramatic yet inviting appearance. There is plenty of natural light inside the ship thanks to a huge window that spans its full height. Additionally, the ship includes sliding panels that will allow the subsequent owners to change the levels as necessary. Even though the buyers’ identity have remained a secret, it is clear what they want in a ship for themselves: something that is both modern and classic, sumptuous yet understated, and lavish yet understated. They consequently employ one of the most outstanding designers in the business today. Giorgio Armani, in Costantino’s opinion, “embodies timeless elegance and sophistication.”

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