O’Neill signs Love Island’s Lucie Donlan to surf

Lucie Donlan of LOVE Island has a lucrative new job that involves going to the beach with her surfboard.

The adventurous 23-year-old is the new face of the surf clothing company O’Neill after becoming famous in the villa in 2019.

Lucie, who has been surfing since she was 13 years old, is a certified instructor and has even competed in the sport.

To commemorate Lucie’s appointment as O’Neill’s female brand ambassador, a new collection of enticing photos of the actress have been released.

She is seen skateboarding down an incline and riding a surfboard towards the ocean.

She said, while posing on the beach in O’Neill gear, “When you’re in the ocean, you forget all your problems.”

“There’s a great sense of freedom, and sometimes all it takes to feel better is to jump in the water.”

On Love Island, Joe Garratt and Lucie were paired up, but when he left the villa, their relationship ended. Later, though, they found each other again outside of the villa.

However, it was short-lived, and in December 2019, the couple broke up once more.

In addition, the celebrity said, “I’m extremely passionate about using surfing as therapy and as a way to encourage more people to get outside, stay active, and experience the benefits that the sport can bring.”

She said: “Sometimes just getting in the sea makes you feel better” Credit: Neon Management

Lucie was in a couple with sandwich man Joe Garratt on Love IslandCredit: ITV

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