Meet The Maп Utd Vs Maп City FA Cυp Fiпal WAGs – Iпclυdiпg ‘Prem’s нσттєѕт’

Manchester United and Manchester City are set to clash again on Saturday (Image: OLI SCARFF/AFP via Getty Images)

Manchester United and Manchester City are set to renew their hostilities on Saturday, as the pair clash with the FA Cup on the line.

City have already wrapped up the Premier League this season – and they’ve now set their eyes on a historic treble. The Red Devils provide the first hurdle for Pep Guardiola’s prospective history makers, with Erik ten Hag’s men hoping to preserve their status as the only British side to achieve a treble.

United will also be hoping to add to their trophy haul under Erik ten Hag, having won Carabao Cup in February. All eyes will be on Wembley come 3pm on Saturday afternoon, including those of the gorgeous WAGs associated with both sides.

Daily Star Sport takes a look at the significant others of both Manchester United and Manchester City stars, starting with the superstar singer wife of Old Trafford legend David De Gea.

David De Gea – Edurne Almagro

David De Gea’s better half is stυппiпg Spaпish siпger Edυrпe, who oпce represeпted her coυпtry at Eυrovisioп. However, irate with the jυdges, De Gea fυmed: “Yoυ are my пυmber 1 above aпy votes. Aпd I thoυght that at Eυrovisioп mυsic was more importaпt thaп пatioпality.”(Image: @edυrпity/INSTAGRAM)1 of 20

Lisandro Martinez – Muri Lopez Benitez

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