Famous golfer Paige Spiranac cried all the way home after being verbally harassed on the course by a “Karen” for what she was wearing: “One of the most traumatic experiences I’ve ever had”

Paige Spiranac, an American glamour golfer, confesses she was traumatized after a ‘Karen’ aggressively abused her on the course about her clothing.

The 29-year-old ex-professional said she was physically shaken after being singled out at a country club by an older lady who thought Spiranac was dressed inappropriately.

Spiranac, who has 3.3 million followers on Instagram, claimed that the woman made her feel violated since it appeared as though she was saying the golfer looked “slutty.” Spiranac always dresses in accordance with the rules of the course.She claimed that her attire did not in any way violate the dress code while she was playing on the course for the first time.

‘I had a collar, I zipped the zipper up so no cleavage showed, it came about mid-thigh, and I felt like it was a pretty acceptable attire,’ Spiranac explained on her podcast Playing a Round.

‘This lady approaches one of the workers, and I overhear her conversing with this guy, which I can’t quite make out. Then I hear, “What she’s wearing is inappropriate, we have rules, I’m going to speak to her.”

She approaches me directly, stops me in the parking lot, and says, “Woman to woman, you need to hear this, you look cute but that is highly inappropriate, we have rules here, and you cannot wear that outfit”… I sobbed nonstop on the drive home.

No one there had a problem with what I was wearing, so I’m not like I want to be on a golf course so I can shake my t**s about and have my a** flying around.

Given that the woman was a guest at the course and done nothing to incite a confrontation, the star claimed that the woman had no right to disparage her.

Spiranac has a handicap of zero and is well-known for her ability with the driver and putter, as well as her beauty.

Golf’s elitist mindset, according to the former division one golfer at both the University of Arizona and San Diego State, can have a negative impact on the game, particularly the tight dress code restrictions for children entering the sport.

These are the reasons why golf isn’t gaining popularity. The elitist mentality is what bothers me.

Spiranac, who has the highest social media followers of any golfer, retired in 2016 following a brief spell on the women’s European tour. She currently earns money through Instagram sponsorships, where she posts videos of her swinging while using new goods and donning eye-catching attire.

Recently, the golf personality made fun of major champions Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson for playing in the LIV series, which is sponsored by Saudi Arabia.

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